Connecting patients, physicians, and facilities on one HIPAA-compliant platform

Simplify surgery center management workflows for more efficient, transparent health care

PreferredMD dashboard

Get one easy tool to do it all:

  • Communicate and book surgeries with multiple providers

  • Track and request physician credentials

  • Notify and confirm equipment vendors

  • Automate health insurance benefits verification

Get one easy tool to do it all:

Why PreferredMD?

Save time, paper, and headache
running a surgery center


PreferredMD streamlines the surgical scheduling process. It’s based on intuitive digital forms and encrypted communication, safely accessible on any device.


Training staff to use PreferredMD takes no more than 30 minutes. And you can have the platform up and running for your facility within 24-48 hours after signing up.

Centralized Communication

Easily communicate with physicians and patients using the integrated chat and track the lifetime of each surgical coordination within a single conversation.

Vertical Integration of Data

Upload important forms to share between patients, providers, facilities, and vendors. Get real-time notifications when there’s an update or a change to always keep up to date.

Affordable Solution

Reduce your operating budget by $55,000 a month without hiring and training extra staff to help manage the surgery booking process.

Visibility & Accountability

Make the process of scheduling a patient for surgery fully transparent, with access to the history of edits and communication between all staff linked to each booking form.

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why preferredmd, figure 1
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How PreferredMD works

Go from hours of manual work to powerfultechnology that’s simple to use

Online appointment button

Add the free appointment widget to your website to make creating, rescheduling, and canceling appointments a breeze. Patients will also be able to find your physicians on the PreferredMD website.

Benefits verification

Cut down the time spent verifying benefits. Do it automatically when a patient schedules an appointment online, or request verification on the platform.

EMR Integration

Forget about duplicating data entries. Save tons of time and upload completed surgical booking forms to the most popular EMR platforms with our one-click integration.


Turning complex workflows easy and transparent

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Schedule surgeries quicker, easier, and more accurately

Turn from paper or clumsy online booking forms to our physician-designed digital platform and process more booking forms in less time and at lower operating costs
  • No more lost H and P’s!

  • Quickly draft, edit, and share surgical booking forms with facilities

  • Update booking forms in real-time with embedded change tracking and secure messaging

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