Benefits verification

Check out-of-network benefits without the hassle
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Benefits verification is more complex than ever

In simpler times, all Oxford plans typically paid the same amounts. But today’s health insurance benefits landscape has different reimbursement models, which can dramatically affect the insurance benefits verification process.
  • The type of “out-of-network” coverage insurance companies stipulate determines the way doctors are reimbursed.

  • Wait times for health insurance eligibility verification can vary from ten minutes to several hours. And even then, it can still be inaccurate or incomplete.

  • Keeping up with the constant changes in third-party payment can put significant strain on your office staff.

Benefits verification is more complex than ever

How it works

  • To initiate a request, you upload patient demographics and insurance information to the PreferredMD health insurance benefits verification portal.

  • We review the information, contact the insurance company, and verify the fee schedule.

  • Our Quality Assurance team thoroughly reviews each report to make sure it’s accurate and complete.

  • If there are no complications beyond our control, most requests are handled within 24 hours.

Insurance benefits verification

Outsource insurance benefits verification to PreferredMD – you’ll be glad you did

Save your practice heaps of time while helping your patients understand exactly what they’ll pay for and make much more informed decisions.
  • Join the premier out-of-network health insurance verification service and pay a low flat fee of just $20 per request. No setup or onboarding fees.

  • Get timely, detailed information in our easy-to-read benefits verification reports you can upload into the patient’s chart within hours of the request, along with a reimbursement schedule.

  • Improve patient interactions and collections and reduce the amount of billing that ages and ultimately becomes uncollectible.

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