Vendor management

Connect with surgical supply vendors without the downtime
Eliminate all the back-and-forth using vendor management software that simplifies the entire process in one intuitive platform.

Looking for an easier way to manage surgical supplies vendor requests?

Surgical vendor management is yet another process that can get complicated when you’re running a surgery center.
  • Doctors performing surgeries need the best equipment for the job. And your job is to make sure that’s always the case.

  • Vendor management involves much more than just ordering the needed supplies. You need to track vendor performance and ensure secure, smooth communication.

  • All the while, you coordinate case bookings, and patient and physician communication, making sure everything is always on time.

Looking for an easier way to manage surgical supplies vendor requests?

Connect vendors to the case immediately after it’s booked

Got a surgery scheduled? Request the required equipment right away, on the same platform you’re using for surgery booking and office management.
  • Automate and centralize the vendor management process. Identify, track, and manage approved vendor relationships in one clear, easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Notify vendors, seamlessly linking them to booking sheets with the supply request directly from the surgeon.

  • See all the procedure details and use ready-made templates to save time in your day when chasing down surgical supplies.

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Make sure vendors stay compliant and accountable

The PreferredMD vendor management solution helps you ensure the process always goes according to plan.
  • Make sure deliveries are always on time, and all the information’s always accurate – on both sides.

  • Prevent data breaches by third-party vendors and manage risks associated with data privacy.

  • Keep track of vendor response and performance in one easy list.

Make sure vendors stay compliant and accountable

Automate communication with vendors in one place

Keep everyone in the loop with a centralized, HIPAA-compliant communication platform, confirmation tracking, and real-time updates.
  • Notify vendors instantly about status changes and request confirmation. They can easily do it from an email.

  • Use the built-in chat for seamless communication between vendors and surgeons in real time.

  • Keep all conversations in one secure place, with easy access whenever you need it.

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Frequently asked questions

Medical device vendor management system is a tool that helps ASCs
automate the process of selecting, vetting, and authorizing surgical
equipment and supplies for use during a surgical procedure.

Using a vendor management system like PreferredMD, you can connect
vendor requests automatically with your case bookings, along with
managing the entire process in one dashboard and real-time messaging.

Using the PreferredMD vendor management solution, you can streamline
the entire vendor management process in your facility, making it more
transparent and secure and less time-consuming for everyone involved –
from the surgeon to your office staff to the vendor.


PreferredMD also includes solutions like surgery scheduling and
benefits verification, offering comprehensive support in running your
surgery center.

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