Compliance log templates for Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs)

PreferredMD Solutions compliance log templates are tailored specifically for Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs). Created by accreditation surveyors, clinical directors, and facility administrators, these log templates comply with the requirements of various ASC accreditation agencies including AAAHC, AAAASF, TJC, and ACHC. PreferredMD templates ensure that your facility is survey-ready at all times.
Compliant with: AAAHC, QUAD A, TJC, CMS and ACHC

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How to use PreferredMD compliance log templates

Compliance logging with the PreferredMD platform is straightforward.
Receive a text or email reminder when a log is due
Receive a text or email reminder when a log is due
Scan a QR code to complete the log
Scan a QR code to complete the log
Sign and submit the log
Sign and submit the log

Modernize your center’s processes by transitioning from paper-based workflows to ASC software

  • If you’re tired of searching for compliance log templates online and require ASC software that fully addresses your needs, look no further than PreferredMD. With the logs software module, you gain access to a vast library of compliance logs tailored to fulfill your requirements.
  • PreferredMD allows you to edit and customize logs as necessary and set up text or email notifications for responsible staff, ensuring no log goes unnoticed.
  • QR code functionality ensures logs are entered at the correct location. Just scan a code on the wall and it will automatically pull up the corresponding log template. All that's left to do is complete, sign, and submit!
  • Pass your ASC inspections and re-inspections with peace of mind as all your logs, contracts, and other documents are stored and organized in one centralized place.
  • Does a surveyor request a specific log or contract? Find it in PreferredMD within seconds. With a centralized system, you can easily track document versions, ensuring that inspectors always have access to the latest revisions and eliminating the risk of presenting outdated or incorrect information.
  • Embrace technology to not only meet inspection requirements but stay ahead in the ever-evolving ASC regulatory compliance landscape.

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Frequently asked questions

It depends on the ambulatory surgery center. In general, there are eight categories of compliance log templates: life safety logs (temperature and humidity log, elevator fire recall log), clinical audit logs (anesthesia controlled substance review), FDA logs (supplies recall log), CPD log templates (eyewash station inspection log), quality assurance and performance improvement logs (code blue drill), compliance logs completed by post anesthesia care unit nurses (code cart check), logs completed by operating room nurses (implant log), and logs completed by support staff (allograft storage temperature check).
At ASCs, various personnel are responsible for completing compliance logs to ensure that the facility is survey-ready and that all regulatory requirements are met. The tasks required for compliance are extensive and include daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual checks. The responsibility for performing these checks and tasks is not solely on the administrator but should be delegated to other managers, staff nurses, CPD techs, circulators, materials managers, and facilities managers. Multiple people should know how to perform each check to account for absences, and some tasks may be performed by outside vendors.
While there may be slight variations in the log templates used by different accrediting bodies like AAAHC, AAAASF, TJC, and ACHC, their overall structure and content remain very similar.
With binders or spreadsheets, administrators and staff are forced to manually search for the information they need, which wastes a lot of time and has to be done repeatedly. Also, a system of handwritten logs and forms saved in binders or spreadsheets stored on a drive is inefficient and fallible. These organizational methods don’t provide a good overview of documentation; if a log is missed or completed incorrectly, it can go unnoticed. In addition, binders and spreadsheets can’t track and provide updates on whether a log has been completed or necessary testing has been done, which can lead to important information slipping through the cracks and not being updated on time.
It is crucial to keep documentation organized and readily available for review during ASC inspections and re-inspections. Maintaining organized documentation saves time during inspections, as administrators and staff do not have to repeatedly search through messy paperwork to confirm that everything is logged. This efficiency is especially important during unannounced surveys or when dealing with staff turnover, as new team members need quick access to necessary information.
PreferredMD is a HIPAA-compliant platform that encrypts data, so you can be sure that all of your documents are stored securely.
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