PreferredMD features

Powerful, easy-to-use tools for patients, physicians, and surgical facilities

For facilities

Automate the physician credentialing process in one easy platform. Quickly complete relevant missing information and avoid delays with expiry notifications.

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Cut down the amount of paperwork and time it takes to screen a patient before a surgical procedure, with all the information securely stored in one platform.

Easily communicate with patients and physicians, coordinate appointment logistics, and more, all in one place.

Pre-load the physician’s preference cards with the most commonly performed procedures. With imported patient demographics and uploaded cards, all that remains is selecting a date for the surgery.

Physician CredentialingPre-op ScreeningSecure Messaging (to physicians and patients)Procedure Templates

Edit and submit dynamic surgical booking forms online and track the activity in real-time, so all staff involved in the case coordination are always on the same page.

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PreferredMD makes storing and sharing documents simple. Upload from the web or mobile directly onto the shared booking form. No more faxes, post-it notes, or lost emails.

Request the equipment required for surgery instantly after booking it, using the same platform to notify the vendors and oversee the entire procedure.

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Make prior authorization an easier and less time-consuming process, while gaining more time to focus on the patient and the actual treatment.

Surgical schedulingDocument ManagementVendor CommunicationPre-authorization Confirmation

For physicians

Free Appointment Widget

PreferredMD allows patients to book appointments online with a real-time scheduling solution that converts website visitors into patients with no additional costs. Use this free scheduling button on your professional website and start booking patients in minutes.

Benefits Verification Services

Reduce costs by automating benefits verifications on the platform. PreferredMD callers will check the out-of-network benefits. This built in feature is available for all users at a low cost price of $12.95 per request. No setup or onboarding fees, no minimums required.
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Prior Authorization

Upload documents and submit a request to obtain prior authorization for your surgical procedure. For a fixed cost. The PreferredMD team will follow up with the insurance company so you don`t have to.
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For patient

Keep all your health records in one, secure cloud location that’s easy to access from any device and quickly share them with your health providers as needed.

Easily communicate with your physicians,store your test results, and coordinate appointment logistics, all in one place.

Search the online network for a wide range of vetted and rated physicians. All ratings are based on verified reviews submitted by real patients.

Personal Health FileSecure MessagingElite Provider Network

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